There are lots of factors to consider when planning your next school rugby tour, but at Trans World Educational Experiences we have all of the tools to ensure your next trip is a huge success on and off the field.

Take a look of five of our favourite destinations for your next trip:

  1. South Africa: South Africa offers a combination of strong rugby competition and diverse cultural experiences. Cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg provide excellent sporting facilities. Additionally, you can arrange games against local schools or clubs and explore the country’s unique wildlife and history.
  2. Australia: With its strong rugby tradition, Australia provides a range of options for school rugby tours. Cities like Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne offer competitive matches and well-maintained sports facilities. Australia’s diverse landscapes and outdoor activities can add extra excitement to the trip.
  3. Ireland: Ireland is a great destination for school rugby tours due to its passionate rugby culture and friendly atmosphere. Cities like Dublin and Belfast have a variety of rugby clubs and schools to compete against. This destination also offers historical sites and beautiful countryside to explore.
  4. France: France boasts a strong rugby heritage and is known for its vibrant cities and rich history. Cities like Paris, Toulouse, and Bordeaux have strong rugby communities and quality facilities. Exploring French culture, cuisine, and landmarks can make the trip even more memorable.
  5. New Zealand: Known as the “Home of Rugby,” New Zealand offers a rich rugby culture and stunning landscapes. Teams can visit cities like Auckland and Wellington, and experience the Maori culture alongside competitive rugby matches. New Zealand is famous for its All Blacks national team and has a high standard of rugby facilities.

Planning a school rugby tour involves thorough research, including checking the local sports scene, arranging matches, considering travel logistics, and ensuring the safety and well-being of the students.

Let Trans World Educational Experiences kickstart your next international school rugby journey, contact us today for more information.

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