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Embark on unforgettable adventures with our school netball tours. Our thoughtfully crafted journeys seamlessly blend the thrill of the game with immersive cultural experiences. From honing skills and competing in top-tier facilities to delving into new cities, our tours cultivate teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal development.

Immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere of renowned arenas, forge connections with fellow players, and craft unforgettable memories. With seasoned guides and meticulous planning, we prioritize safety and ensure seamless logistics at every stage. Join us for an expedition that extends beyond the court, where passion for netball intertwines with the joy of discovery.

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Spanning only 50km from coast to coast, students are never far from the action-packed sights and sounds Singapore has to offer.


The world-renowned Marina Bay is surrounded by many international schools and academies providing impressive international opposition and state of the art facilities.

Singapore is a fantastic location to combine sport and tourism and certainly has the wow factor on all fronts. Be it the grandeur of Gardens by the Bay, the story of the Merlion or the deals to be struck in Chinatown, there may be hot rain but there is never a dull day in Singapore.

Best for: Rugby, netball, football.

South Africa

Discover the thrill of school netball tours in Cape Town, South Africa! Twedex offers an unforgettable experience combining top-tier training, competitive matches, and breathtaking adventures.

Cape Town’s vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and world-class facilities make it the perfect destination for young athletes to hone their skills and create lasting memories. Click to read more and find out why South Africa is the ultimate choice for your next school netball tour!

Recommended destination: Cape Town

Hong Kong

Experience the excitement of school netball tours in dynamic Hong Kong! Twedex offers a unique blend of competitive netball matches, world-class training, and cultural exploration in this vibrant city.

Hong Kong’s modern facilities and rich cultural heritage provide the perfect backdrop for young athletes to improve their skills and enjoy unforgettable adventures. Click to read more and discover why Hong Kong is the ideal destination for your next school netball tour!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is slowly emerging as an amazing Netball Tour destination. Our bespoke tours combine exhilarating sports experiences with cultural immersion, creating memories to last a lifetime.

From vibrant cities to pristine beaches, Sri Lanka offers the perfect backdrop for sporting excellence and unforgettable adventures. Join us and unlock the potential of your school team in this captivating island paradise. 

Recommended destinations: Colombo, Negombo.


The United Kingdom offers your students the opportunity to combine a fantastic sports experience with an array of cultural and historical attractions.

The home to many of the world’s best universities, including Loughborough University which is the base for Olympic athletes and hosts the World Schools Netball Cup every summer, the UK is the perfect destination to combine sport and education.

Recommended destinations: Edinburgh, London, Newcastle, Manchester, Loughborough.

Best for: Football, rugby, cricket, netball, golf, swimming, tennis.


At the heart of innovation and technology, the UAE offers some of the best youth sports facilities in the world. The home to the World School Games, an annual U11 – U15 multi-sports event, the UAE is the perfect place to take your students for a week of training, competitive matches and relaxation.

With some of the best shopping malls, water parks and beaches in the world, a tour to Dubai or Abu Dhabi is sure to cater for all of your needs on and off the playing field.

Recommended destinations: Abu Dhabi, Dubai.

Best for: Football, basketball, netball, rugby, cricket.

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