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At Trans World Educational Experiences we are passionate about Academy level and School Sports Tours. From the friendships forged on and off the field to the life skills it helps to promote, we know all about the valuable role sport plays within education.

Partnerships with some of the biggest clubs in the best destinations on the planet allow us to create the perfect sports tour for your students.

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Spanning only 50km from coast to coast, students are never far from the action-packed sights and sounds Singapore has to offer.

The world-renowned Marina Bay is surrounded by many international schools and academies providing impressive sporting opposition and state of the art facilities.

Singapore is a fantastic location for school sports tours, combining sport and tourism and certainly has the wow factor on all fronts. Singapore has something for everyone. There may be hot rain but there is never a dull day on a school sports tours in Singapore.

Best for: Rugby, Netball, Football.

South Africa

South Africa is an exceptional destination for school sports tours, offering world-class facilities, stunning landscapes, and a rich cultural heritage. Renowned for hosting the Rugby World Cup in 1995 and the FIFA World Cup in 2010, the country has a proven track record in accommodating sporting events.

Schools can take advantage of top-notch training grounds and compete against local teams known for their competitive spirit. Beyond sports, students can explore breathtaking natural attractions providing opportunities for educational and recreational activities. The vibrant city of Cape Town offers many cultural experiences, making South Africa a diverse and enriching destination for young athletes

Recommended destination: Cape Town

Best for: Rugby, Netball, Cricket, Football.


Located in South-East Asia, Thailand is a must visit for school sports tours. Our tours tend to base around Thanyapura Sports Resort, home to Thailand’s premier sports facilities. From football to athletics and swimming to tennis the resort has it all – with on-site accommodation your group get a flavor of a very professional tour set up.

Located just outside the idyllic beach city of Phuket, Thanyapura gives your students a chance to combine top-class sports training with team bonding and down time. Thailand cements itself as one of Asia’s top destinations for school sports tours. 

Recommended destination: Phuket

Best for: Football, Rugby, Tennis, Athletics.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a stunning location for your next school sports tour. Situated a short hop from the Middle East, this island nation is accessible for lots of international schools in the region.

With a breathtaking landscape, you can combine sport, culture and nature to create unforgettable experiences for your students. Sri Lanka also offers service related and give-back opportunities to travelling groups, making it a unique designation for school sports tours.

Recommended destinations: Colombo, Negombo.

Best for: Cricket, Netball, Basketball.


Home to two of the world’s biggest clubs, Spain is the perfect destination for your next sports tour with the chance to combine world-class sports coaching with sightseeing and some of the best live action around.

Whether it is the bustling, vibrant city atmosphere of Madrid, where your students can take part in football training at Real Madrid’s exclusive Valdebebas complex or the coastal destination of Barcelona and Salou where you can combine sports training and matches with beach visits and swimming pools – Spain is an ideal location for your next tour!

Recommended destinations: Barcelona, Madrid, Salou.

Best for: Football, basketball, rugby.


Easily accessible with one of Europe’s largest airports, Amsterdam is the home of AFC Ajax – one of the most recognizable teams in the world of football with their legendary red and white shirts. Netherlands is home to the beautiful game. 

School sports tours to Amsterdam give your students the chance to visit an incredibly culturally diverse city. The city boasts Anne Frank’s House and the Johan Cruyff Arena as popular sights, while also taking part in professional coaching sessions and challenging the locals in international friendly matches.

Recommended destination: Amsterdam

Best for: Football, Hockey.


The United Kingdom offers your tours an array of sports to choose from. A destination that combines a fantastic sports experience with ample cultural and historical attractions.

The home to many of the world’s best schools, you will never be short of competition. The UK also includes universities such as Loughborough, which is the base for Olympic athletes and hosts the World Schools Netball Cup every summer. The UK is the perfect destination to combine sport and education.

Recommended destinations: Edinburgh, London, Newcastle, Manchester, Loughborough.

Best for: Football, Rugby, Cricket, Netball, Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Athletics.


At the heart of innovation and technology, the UAE offers some of the best youth sports facilities in the world. The home to the World School Games  multi-sports event, the UAE is the perfect place to take your students for a week of training, competitive matches and relaxation.

State of the art facilities in an array of sports, combined with some of the best water parks and beaches in the world, an action packed tour to Dubai or Abu Dhabi is sure to cater for all of your needs on and off the playing field.

Recommended destinations: Abu Dhabi, Dubai.

Best for: Football, Basketball, Netball, Rugby, Cricket.


Ideal for school sports tours looking to give their students a new experience.

School sports tours to Germany are predominantly football heavy and can include coaching sessions with top class youth coaches, a behind the scenes tour of some Bundesliga stadiums and the chance to take your seat and soak in the famous German atmosphere at a live Bundesliga match!

Recommended destination: Dortmund

Best for: Football

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