With a new year often comes resolutions and promises to get more active and to do more sport. If you’re struggling for motivation or needs some tips to help get you started, you’ve come to the right place – we take a look at our Top Five Tips for a Fitter 2018 in this week’s blog!

1. Do Manageable Amounts Each Day

The UK Government recommends that young people between 5 and 18 should take part in 60 minutes of moderate exercise every day – but it is important to remember that this is across an entire day! For instance, a brisk walk to school in the morning could count as 10-15 minutes of your daily exercise. Trying to do one hour of continuous exercise each day may not only tire you out more than it needs to, it could also become a chore every time you come to put your trainers on – so think about splitting your daily exercise up into smaller, manageable chunks to keep you motivated throughout 2018!


2. Exercise With a Friend

Exercising on your own can be lonely and demotivating at times, so why not try working out with a friend or classmate? By exercising in pairs or in a group you can share ideas and best-practise and keep each other on track throughout the year. A competitive edge when exercising will also help you reach your potential each day – why not set up a leader board between friends to see who can jump the highest, run the fastest or throw the longest?


3. Track Your Progress

In order to have an accurate idea of how well you’re doing from month to month it is helpful to keep a track of how you’re performing and feeling during exercise. How many minutes did it take you to run a mile on the treadmill in January compared to July? Are you getting quicker or slower? It is important to also track how you’re feeling physically and emotionally each time you exercise. Did you feel breathless after a game of football with your friends? Were you already feeling tired before you started because of a long day at school? It’s important to keep a note of these less numbers-focused in order to give some context to your fitness and performance from one week to the next.


4. Vary Your Routine

Everyone is likely to get bored doing the same things every day for a whole year, so it is helpful to mix up your exercise routine. A day of exercise doesn’t have to be spent in the gym all the time or in the park running for miles. A game of badminton with your friends, swimming with your family and a fitness lesson during PE are all very different forms of exercise but all count towards your daily goals – it’s important to keep this in mind when trying to keep fit in 2018!


5. Exercise With Music

Music is a great aid when it comes to exercise. From making a playlist of your favourite motivational songs to putting your headphones on in the gym or out in the park and running, jumping or diving to the beat, it’s a brilliant way to keep you in the right frame of mind. Whether you’re playing a game of basketball in a gym hall with the speakers booming or out on a run on your own, a musical accompaniment is the ideal catalyst to you achieving your exercising goals in 2018.

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