Trans World Educational Experiences (TWEDEX), the UAE’s only independent provider of tailor-made sports education journeys, has announced a new partnership with Dubai Affiliated School Sports Association (DASSA) to bring memorable journeys to schools across Dubai.

As part of the agreement, TWEDEX will become the official sports education partner for more than 100 of DASSA’s member schools.

This will see more than 200,000 children across the Emirate given the opportunity to participate in journeys that combine professional training and live sport, with educational elements such as team building and sports education, enabling students to develop their character and enhance their physical and mental skillset through a range of bespoke activities.

All trips are organized in collaboration with some of the world’s most established sporting clubs and institutions from football and basketball to rugby, netball and dance.

As part of the deal, TWEDEX will also contribute a minimum donation of AED 10,000 per annum to DASSA’s development fund, and a percentage of every student’s tour fee thereafter.

DASSA’s Andy Jones and Trans World’s Scott Macfarlane.

“Sports education journeys play a key role in helping develop important qualities in children and young people such as leadership, sharing, team spirit and tolerance,” said Scott Macfarlane, Director at Trans World Educational Experiences.

“To date, we have delivered more than 225 trips for 90 schools across the Middle East, giving over 6500 children and young adults the experience of a lifetime. Our journeys excite and inspire young minds, provide students with a global perspective, complement the curriculum, and leave a lasting impact on participants’ future development. We look forward to working closely with DASSA to deliver our unique journeys to new school partners across Dubai.”

DASSA, established in 2005, is made up of over 100 primary and secondary schools. The organization manages fixtures and arranges sports competitions throughout the school year.

“At DASSA, we are committed to quality sports education in Dubai, and work with like-minded organizations to promote the importance of good and sound sporting practices,” said Andy Jones, Chairman, DASSA. “We are therefore very pleased to welcome TWEDEX as our partner for the next three academic years, and look forward to delivering journeys that develop, inspire and educate Dubai’s young minds.”

The announcement comes at a time when physical education is high on the national agenda.

Earlier this year, the UAE Ministry of Education, announced a reform to the Physical and Health Education Curriculum across all government schools. The objective of the new Physical and Health Education curriculum – implemented across all government schools from January 2017 – is to meet the individual needs of each student and to empower the younger generation to take ownership of their physical education, health and wellbeing.

The reform ensures the adoption of a modern and comprehensive curriculum, which fosters the student’s personality and exposes them to the most up-to-date educational practices that promote determination, give them peace of mind and diversify their skills.


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